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Our Beliefs

Devoted to Sharing the Good News

 In our vision, “everyone” isn’t limited to those that are already a part of CPC. We are a people that see ourselves as the hope of our community, because Jesus is the hope of the incredible God, to know His love and power for themselves. 

Devoted to Living in Christ-Likeness with others

We recognize that none of us are alone on our journey towards maturity in Christ, but God has brought us together as a family. Each of us is being transformed by God’s Spirit to become more like Him each day. One of the primary ways God has given us to grow is His Spirit overflowing from one believer to the other. We as a church have encouraged all of our members and struggles and learn from each other and grow together.

Devoted to Joyful Generosity

We believe God has given each of us unique resources and opportunities to build up the other members of the church and to bring Him glory in the world. We do everything we can to encourage people to be generous with their time, talents, and treasure. We as people whom God has called together in His name do not exist for ourselves, but for each other and for our community. We are learning how to love and give like a family and that our family should always be growing.

Devoted to Scripture

We believe the Bible is the word of God and the primary way He speaks to us. Our worship service is centered in the Scriptures, we prepare our hearts to hear God’s wor, we hear from God through His word and then we respond with worship and service. We also encourage each other to read the Bible daily, we have a church reading plan where we read a chapter a day together. We also encourage each other to be in small groups and classes where we study the Bible together in communit

Devoted to Prayer

We believe in the power of God in all things! There is nothing on this earth that is outside of His hand. We also believe that God has uniquely given us a key to unlock this power in our church, in our families and in our lives. This key is prayer! We as a church encourage each other to surrender to God’s Spirit daily, thank God and worship Him whole-heartedly, to depend on Him together to lead us as we seek to honor Him and walk in His power as our great conquering King. We believe that through prayer God uniquely opens our spiritual eyes, so that we may see where He is working and join Him there.